lvysIn Mark 12:31 in the Bible, God says love yourself first then love others as you love yourself. A person cannot give what they do not have so self-love is not selfishness. Pay attention to love God first for your peace of mind, virtue, courage, confidence, strength, personal care, growth, development and maturity. Be kind and generous in spirit, show compassion and forgive yourself and others. Be inclusive of friendships but keep clear moral boundaries. Do not do anything Jesus would not do. Be responsible, accountable, have a me time to relax, rejuvenate, listen to favourite music, eat well, rest and sleep properly. Above all, greatest source of happiness is joy of making others happy. A smile, poem to encourage, give helping hands to others as they need it appropriately. Not door mat to trample upon so neglect yourself to regret watching others succeed at expense.

Often people made to feel it is finding someone else or that special to love before one can be completely fulfilled. Created in the image of God, Christian believers are already completely whole in Christ Jesus. Made in God’s Perfect Image means self sufficient so lacking nothing. Family relationships build up inter-dependence to enhance life. God’s Spirit, Christ Spirit plus Holy Spirit equips to connect directly to God. The first person to call upon is God in Jesus Name in prayer closet. God the sends answer through Divine Connections because God is the Source of everything on earth and in the heavens. God brings people into life for a reason to fulfil God’s Plans and Purposes in life. It is good to take care of self – first because one deserves self-value, self – worth and self-affection.

A fulfilled competent person is a wholesome person and a self motivated. So a great joy to around because they do do expect to be pampered all they time before the feel loved. God is love so love flows from God’s Super Abundant Source with Compassion to reach through as a conduit to flow through others. Some people do things to please others without doing same for own personal happiness. Sacrifice to love others at one’s expense is not healthy love. To take on another person with intention to be their only source of happiness is playing God. It will not work because both of you need to be rooted and grounded in God’s Love. Rescuers believe love for a person fixes all problems. But love alone is not enough. Love requires commitment, give and take, loyalty, accountability.

Love projection onto others strongly believes making others happy exclusively without first taking care of personal love means happiness. Deprived self -love abuse leads to loss of self as one becomes too engrossed to remember one exists to be happy too. It is true to look after each other’s interest in giving and receiving. Yet need to take personal interest in yourself too to compliment each other. Pamper yourself, feel good about yourself because you are worth it. Do good to yourself too and give little rewards each week to remind yourself of how precious you are to you and your loved ones. Do not pack your life beside your problems and refuse to change for the better. No matter what you have been through you can start all over by forgiving yourself and showing mercy, kindness, and love to yourself.









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