IMG_20140107_222926In the Bible God sent prophet Isaiah to King Hezekiah to tell the king to prepare to die from his illness in 2 Kings 20 and Isaiah 38:1-3. King Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and wept and asked God to spare his life. God heard his prayer so added 15 years to his life. If dealing with stubborn persistent problems that will not move out of your life seek God’s help. Even if it persists or seems to disappear for a season or lies dormant until something triggers it again call upon God to intervene in Jesus Name.

IMG_20140107_222639King Hezekiah took his problems to God’s altar to ask His Help. So if you find yourself trying to find a long-lasting solution. This issue is used by people taunt and describe you by although you have your own name. Well, there comes a time to set time aside to pray. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world to help win in Jesus Name. God will give you strength and Divine helpers your way to encourage and support you to go through with that change. God is compassionate and merciful so He looked upon Hezekiah’s kindness memorial record to God’s service. Whatever the name of situation, THE NAME OF JESUS IS ABOVE IT. So will bow in NAME OF JESUS. God answers prayer so refuse to allow matter to overwhelm in Jesus Name. Continue to thank God in advance because faith is evidence of things not seen. Make a plan and prepare in advance for the miracle you are expecting in Jesus Name. Even when enemy taunts as King Hezekiah experienced. God will never let you down in the midst of your adversity in Jesus Name. Thanks be to God who causes us to triumph always in Jesus Name.

Face problem and seek solution by refusing to tolerate it. Say enough is enough in Jesus Name. The answer to such problems at times is in your own mouth because life and death is in your mouth. With determination God will always stop enemies and make a way to save in Jesus Name.

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