We have our special moments when we feel extra elated, grateful and thankful to God for all His Favour, Blessings upon our lives and our loved ones. We highly appreciate God’s goodness and mercy and feel like we are walking on sunshine. We feel on top of the world and people ask why we are so happy. We tell them the joy of the Lord is our strength and so we rejoice and feel glad.

Even in situations feeling let down, still give thanks in all things as God requires. On those occasions may feel down, sad, unhappy about lives and circumstances praise God. This is particularly difficult to sacrifice praise and worship in adversity as people blame God for the problems. It is never God’s fault but mankind’s own doings through wrong choice. So even if things seem normal as possible praise God and count your blessings. This helps others realise faith in God to trust god too as people notice changes in us. We let in those closest to us ask for moral support to deal with trauma with God’s help. However, we discover that people can only do so much for us, no matter how loving, or caring they are, including our spouses and loved ones. This is when it dawns on us to seek God’s face more than ever before.

images-6Some may feel angry with God for letting down not answering exactly as demanded. But this is the time to Praise and worship God, make a vow, ask for forgiveness and make a long list of all our blessings and count them. Very soon we become surprised at how Good God is to us and thank Him for all the enjoyment of His abundant love in our lives.

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