jairus+14Healing by God is usually physical, spiritual and emotional. Physical healing may be a cure from illness, diseases, an improvement or change for the better. Spiritual healing is deliverance from spiritual confusion, spiritual attacks, witchcraft, evil occurrences through fasting and prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit. Emotional healing is recovery from various personal issues that one inherited or brought upon oneself over the years.Healing is not limited to only physical change. At times nothing seems outwardly changed but healing within takes place through the strength to overcome and cope better with the situation. Often people misunderstand healing to mean a drastic change instantly. However, physical healing may be instant or slowly progressing depending on ones circumstances. Miracle healing does take place and needs to be maintained by taking better care through good food, sound sleep and rest.

There is no need to become discouraged or angry with God for not meeting one’s expectation for physical healing if it did not happen as you expected. God is still in control and His Spirit is at work in us as He is the Greatest Physician Who did the First Surgery on Adam to create Eve in the garden of Eden so gives wisdom to modern medicine. He has the same ability to heal you today in Jesus Name with Doctor Jesus, pastors, ministers and elders to heal. God also hears your own prayers of faith to heal you and your loved ones in Jesus Name.


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