Children Call You Blessed

riseIn Proverbs 31:28 the Bible says children will arise and call mothers blessed and husband praises wife. People who influence them in good ways blessed because of their devotion and dedication. This verse sounds great and honours mothers who bless their children and builds up their confidence. It is easy with God’s help to choose to bless children and to resist the urge to condemn in the most difficult moments. It is appropriate to point out error to children in a calm manner afterwards let child apologise.
It is important to start in early age from 2 years onwards to guide child to understand boundaries. At times, children sense a mother’s feelings and emotions even if they cannot verbalise how they feel. This means the child responds to the mother’s body language, tone of voice, and actions. It is necessary to be down to their level physically when speaking to them.  Children pick up conversations and remember a lot from 3 years onwards. It is important to protect them from unsavoury talks. With juggling family, work, other commitments, it is essential to have moment of one to one reflection before bedtime stories.

 Parents and significant adults are the first teachers who impact a child’s life so it is a privilege to help them learn basic life skills of reading and writing in a fun way depending on each child’s ability. Make it fun by creating your own alphabet with coloured papers to demonstrate origin of words to them. Start them with music at their level to generate an interest in various instruments until they find their niche to become a virtuoso. You never know when may have next Beethoven in your family.If possible register them at a young age in a children’s library to keep them reading suitable soft or bold letter books. The gadgets and internet are excellent tools for learning but children need to learn not to become addicted too young. The fathers may be too busy sometimes but reading and drawing with your children helps to bond with them. It is good to provide to buy best material gifts you can afford. However a child wants YOU and may even spend time playing with the cardboard instead of the expensive gifts.

Good uncles and responsible father figures can be encouraged to support children in a healthy safe environment. Children grow up really quickly, and before you know it most are towering over you with spurt growth. Enjoy each moment, make the most of by keeping precious memories to remind them of their shenanigans in the future. Above all, tell them about God’s love for them even if the world is not perfect. Adults also learn patience, unconditional love, humility and acceptance from children.

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