‎In Hebrews 12:1-3 Christian believers are keep eyes on Jesus, who both begins and finishes faith race in Christ. Peter walked on water by keeping his eyes on Jesus.All was well until he turned to see his friends. Jesus quickly rescued Peter when he started sinking. As people face problems, is they keep their eyes on Jesus their challenges are easier to handle. Confidence in Christ helped Peter to overcome tragedy.keep-your-eyes-on-Jesus1 - CopyIn addition, it is alright to seek help to receive input from others to manage and cope with daily living. This is a sign of strength to ask for help because no one is an island. Everybody needs somebody to accomplish their mission in life. At times Divine Helpers may not be recognised immediately as seen in Matthew 14:22-33. Jesus walked on water yet apostles mistook Christ for a ghost. Jesus was challenged to prove Himself to allow Peter to walk on water.

When Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, stayed focussed, he walked successfully on the water. But the moment Peter turned to look at others in the boat he begun to sink though the Master Jesus was present. Ask Jesus to enable to keep focus by Holy Spirit. On another occasion Jesus was thought to be gardener when He arose from the dead. This means when we feel sad or not sure of things we lose sight of Jesus who is with us in Spirit together with the angels so we need to cast all burdens unto Jesus for He cares for us. We can confide in Christ and trust Him in those low moments when we feel He seems too busy to remember us. Once we make up mind to change we face distractions from people misery loves company. Jesus at times took time out by Himself regularly to seek the Father God‘s face in prayer.

When Peter was sinking after quick reflection took stock to make necessary changes deemed fit. Passion and enthusiasm motivates with resolve for self-discipline to carry on in life. Unforeseen circumstances cannot distract to abandon to change Godly plans. Whatever the case be grateful and thankful to be alive in Jesus Name and keep eyes on Jesus. If a perfect man like Jesus prays by Himself, it is important to follow example of Christ. So set time aside as often as possible to fast and pray. We must ask God to reveal our Divine helpers and Divine connections to us as co-workers for Jesus.


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