snap121Instant obedience is immediate obedience and so delayed obedience is disobedience in Matthew 21:28-32. Jesus tells parable to illustrate Obedience to God as Father who asked his two sons to help work in family vineyard business in a field. The first son agreed readily and said yes but didn’t go to work but enjoys his reward. A second son said no, changed his mind went to work in the vineyard. Question is which of the two obeyed their father? Bible says its important to be instant in season so a delayed obedience is not an obedience as it shows lack of respect for father’s authority. Some said second son took the right action changed his mind, heart softened went later to work. Jesus tells us be ready to join others in a team always so its never too late to serve God. The second son at end of day join others to complete day’s work but he needed to start earlier to do his best. This parable teaches instant obedience to God and to parents on submission to authority. God is the Father to Jesus Christ Son of God a Perfect Example of Obedience to God He obeyed Father God unto death on Calvary Jesus teaches ‘yes means yes’ if duty calls to respond and Honour God and honour parents. God’s Words gives life to who obeys God, builds confidence trust, encouragement as Father Expects from us. Jesus Respects FATHER God so best example to obey God in submission to God’s Authority. So Jesus is given ALL POWER and AUTHORITY in HEAVEN on EARTH but Jesus NEVER ABUSED HIS POWER or AUTHORITY, Jesus Humbled Himself, Obeyed God. God’s RIGHTEOUS Instruction to His Children Reasonable, Appropriate. The Church body of Christ to Serve God in Obedience to LOVE GOD and RESPECT GOD, ADMIRE GOD. GOD DOES ALL THINGS WELL SO ALWAYS RIGHT. God is Worthy of Honour, Praise, Glory through Fear of God. Hear God so Give God ALL Due CREDIT FIRST where credit is due. Jesus’ Privileged Position of Power and Authority, Honour did not let Good Success inflate His ego. Jesus is Humble to God, did everything through God’s Approval. God Provides all things, affirms Jesus who is Obedient to God all His life. Jesus’ Incredible Example used by God to encourage Obedience to all. In Obedience to God life is better because the Fear of God is beggining of Wisdom. TEACH COMPLETE OBEDIENCE TO GOD to get life right. Sovereign God is Centre of Focus in Christ so focus on God more but love GOD’S people. Jesus said that the GREATEST Serves and helps God’s Children realize their destiny in God. It is all about God First, Jesus, Holy Spirit then people in Church as God’s Servant.IMG_20160725_110610.jpgA pastor leads by example not centre of attention or focus to get angry easily if things do not go his way. So people told do what he only thinks they should do it his way or highway. But cannot impose his views saying he “alone hears” from God. Praise times his showmanship and miracles prove his high status with God. Pastors are sherpherds as Christ is True Shepherd who laid down His Life for his flock. In Bible 2 Corinthians 10:8 God gives pastors an authority to BUILD UP God’s Congregation not to tear it down. 2 Samuel 5:12 says David knows God established him for HIS people Israel’s sake.” Life is for all to OBEY GOD FIRST then people. Obedience to God in Christ brings a long life blessing wellbeing in life. Father God Instructs in HIS WORDS Obey and LOVE of God. Jesus said if you Truly Love God Obey God’s Words. God Obedience is Appropriate duty of love action caring loyalty directed at God. Its Father God’s demand of Instant Respect and Gratitude counted worthy to WORK with God. God Command demand Total  Action without rearranging alternative time lapse delay wasting precious time.Circumstances impossible beyond one’s control means God Knows this requires from us what HE Designed us to do. And time arranged helps do God’s Work, talk to God First not as time permits. Time is never enough but Wisdom of God Helps to Prioritise work and do urgent works. Pray: We Can do all things in Christ who strengthens us to do good works by love action for God. Father God Expects us to do exactly as told by Jesus. So obedience is setting good example as a believer to others. To help God’s KINGDOM live in harmony by allowing all to be involved in God’s Family Business work. Mutual Obedience brings miracles in bigger full measure. God’s PLANS lives to OBEY, to trust God, to bring to pass God’s Higher Thoughts and Purposes for our lives. So obedience proves to God He can TRUST us to do His will. Parable says the Father God has two types of believers in Christ Jesus who accept and do God’s WILL so instant in season. The other reject Christ to do own things, say no to God at first but accept Jesus later after Holy Spirit is at work in their lives as precious valued soul. All who say yes to God represent a few who yield their minds, body or soul to God. God’s kingdom vine has types of fruits harvested as the people work and yield results. They love, Glorify so Extol God do whatever it takes to please God no matter the obstacles. The Yes to God group are dedicated, provide resources to Magnify God’s Name to Glorify Christ. Choice to love Father God consequences impacts God’s Kingdom in the Vineyard.Members of a family who refuse to obey the father is not tolerated. God does not tolerate too long those who reject him. As obedience in the army is very serious business because lives depend on it its crucial to obey orders before complaint. People are expected walk in obedience, submission and humility, vice-versa to show respect to all. In this Bible story of father’s actions of intervention impacts choice of two sons as 2 types of people. Jesus challenged both to make up their minds in God’s Kingdom brothers asked to work in vineyard in Matthew 21:28-32 in response to a father’s instruction. Abraham obeyed God by faith, humility sets off to a place he did not know about believed in God in righteousnes made father of all nations. A leader’s example shows obedience as he trusts God with assurance Our Father God has our best interest at Heart. Totally trust God, have confidence in God by faith, believe God will do as Promised to Glorify Himself in our lives. Although Abraham was not perfect, he obeyed and honoured God. God the Father’s Considers HIS Children Expects consideration towards others. A leader obeys God by example to comply submits first to God with consideration of impact on those led. Grape theology of Jesus Christ True Vine leads branches by love example, consideration fairness, justice in practical hands on leadership style. Helps people relate in obedience to Father God’s Love and His Kingdom.vinesFather God asks two sons to work in His vineyard is relationship between God and mankind. Father God Owner of the Vineyard Jesus is Vine and two sons two types of people in God’s Kingdom based on actions and decisions. Jesus highlight TRUE Vine and Church His Body teaches obedience lesson. Bunches of the grapes are branches or variety of the people in God’s Vineyard Church. So Good Seed of the Word Jesus is good soil helps people to be planted, watered and nurtured by the Word of God grow with rich organic nutrient feed. The Living Word is Bible Soul food of God nourish people to grow Spiritually and Sunshine Glorious Light and God’s Love, Shines through us with the warm right temperatures nurturing growth. And showers of blessings rains best mineral nutrients to nourish mind, body with soul food. Work of God prune and trains to help grow the vine fruits.Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 16.41.31Choice of actions and decisions made in Obedience to God helps mature vines to blossom. Support and encouragement to each other inspires the positive changes to flourish in God’s Vineyard. So tender loving care, prayers, produce all various types of growth characters. By fruit you know the light mild green grape novice baby step believers need attention. Red grapes are like BLOOD Bought Children of God. Purple grapes need extra care as lacking frontal cortex requires support. Blue grapes are matured adults in faith take on more responsibility to nurture all people they meet. Blue – black grapes senior citizens wise with age experience in faith, Bible says must guide younger ones through patience and loving care. Wild grapes aggressive, nuisance, weed hurt or inner turmoil, conflict, criticism, complain but loved by God needs Holy Spirit Transforms their lives. Sour grape is immature, tantrum, loud, outrageous outspoken and irresponsible who stirs up issues creates discord in Church. Yet Careful prayer and love helps overcome barriers. Obedience relates to a spiritual mature wisdom level of understanding by faith. Its important to request each is able to do what God gives them to do to handle life as required. God makes way of escape to help conquer problems by His Means. Obedience depends on if one climbs mountain, circle, tunnel through as God Directs. Prayer in private closet is first by Holy Spirit’s leading enabling clarity of thought, ideas, to make better choice decisions to decide best solution for Obedience. God is Dynamic a fixed previous method of Obedience may not always work out exactly the same. SEEK God’s Face always in Obedience as Jesus Said He did nothing without first God’s Approval though so Perfect Son of God, Sets good example to follow. The Gospel Good News gives appropriate support to get attention of all types of vines, grapes pruned, tamed. Vine branches fall away, helped to restore the connection to God produces right result to bear good fruit in God’s winepress, flourish with sweet fruit, vintage juices and saved in Jesus Name. When we walk with the Lord, in the Light of His word, what a glory He sheds on our way, while we do His good will, He abides with us still, and with who will trust and obey, Trust and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. The greatest total obedience leader is Jesus Christ He obeyed God unto death on the cross.IMG_20160725_113859Jesus could call on angels of heaven to Rescue Him but chose to Give His Life in Obedience as sacrifice for all. Jesus said GREATEST is the servant as in Mark 9:35 accountable to the flock. Modern society creates impression parents, children at a certain age do not need to Obey God anymore. So world self-aggrandizement, selfishness highly values self celebrated but teach people it is a privilege to stand STRONG on God’s SIDE to Honour God, parents and family. Blessings flow reach out to save or win souls as stars for God. The two sons disrespect but Father God Forgives in Mercy and HIS Compassion works out salvation plan of God. So sons recognised sacrifices of all years father provides salvation for them. Old enough to contribute to running family business keen to do their part. In Church all must help in a way and to trust God confident and sure of God’s Power is at work in their life. Obedience to God is highest yielding investment divident rewarding. Obey those in authority except if told to disobey God Obey God rather than men. Careful prayer and compassionate love of God helps overcome many barriers. Obedience relates to spiritual maturity wisdom level of understanding by faith. Its important to request each able to do so because God does not give us more than what we all can handle in life. God makes way of escape Rapture conquers problem His Means. Obedience depends on how climb mountain, circle it, tunnel through or wait for God comes to Direct us. Prayer in the private closet first for wisdom by Holy Spirit’s leading enables thoughts, ideas, to make better choices and decisions to decide best solution for each Obedience. God’s dynamic method of Obedience always works. SEEK God’s Face in Obedience as Jesus Said, He did nothing without God’s Approval though perfect Son of God, Sets good example to follow. Share the Gospel Good News of Jesus to teach instant obedience in humility and to share your testimony in Christ Jesus.


125567-300x300-1Matthew 26:41 says watch and pray for the days spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Mark 13:33 says Take heed, watch and pray for you don’t know the time of temptation and adversity in Bible. Luke 12:15 says believers must watch and to pray without ceasing against all the evil going on in the world. Pray against this issue for God to intervene to shorten thr evil days. Jesus warns against all forms of greed because LIFE does not consist of abundant material possessions. There is so much the world deals with daily on the troubles or challenges, recklessness, traumatic consequences, remain strong in the LORD in the power of His Might. Perilous times are around with is sense of urgency to keep watch over one’s life, soul, mind and body with intercession for loved ones. Believers are reassured a thousand shall fall at their side 10,000 at the right hand side but shall not come near in Jesus Name. There is too much pressure to make more things and buy more, sell more but previous purchased items have not been used. Things have overtaken life so much so if one cannot afford it, one is encouraged to borrow to get in debt. God says in Proverbs 22:7 a borrower is slave to lender who exploits the people for excessive profits to grow money to keep pace with current keeps driving excessive unrealistic profits decisions to exploit and stretch earth beyond its capability damaging it beyond repair. Avarice making life too impossible does not stop or truly reflect on ethical ways of handling this earth. And craving appetites cause more toxic waste of things that don’t decay quickly destroy natural resources in the name of sophistication. People feel the things made easy or simply affordable means its cheap, not the best quality so expect complicated cost input to cater for their demand as long it pleases their eye. The higher the price, the assumption it is the best quality value for money, no effort spared producing vanities upon vanities causing excessive ozone waste. Speed to produce more for the sake of businesses over rules any concerns about their cost passed on to consumers destroy natural habitat resources. And earth needs to be conserved and be preserved for a future generation. Retail therapy create a good feeling for a short while until bill to pay.wp-1578772507947.jpgSelf-esteem and happiness are defined by material things, replacing a good old family time of story telling around a fire place. Some wear every thing once and do not care to pass it on to less fortunate because their rubbish is too good for the poor people to use. Brand new shoes or clothes last for year’s season burnt or is shredded for landfill but consumers are blamed its demand driving the earth to ruin. Overproduced unwanted goods is seen in amazon forest’s damage domino effect of drought and tsunamis all over the world. So environment is over used beyond measure yet does not matter as long as profits sour. Waste good healthy foods and things constantly changing by law but efficient functioning equipment thrown away in the name of new styles, design take precedence compels people to buy more to get rid of an old previous one although working perfectly. Instant and disposable things become the norm, waste more than enough land available perfectly provided by God’s design for all to own homes, businesses turned to thousands of acres of rubbish tips while complaining about lack of houses. Profit from insurance claim company wastage target claims faster and more appealing than the slower pace of selling goods.matthew-26-41-watch-and-pray-brown_1300066979Hyped exaggerated billion profit margin is more attractive bonus than saving the earth to provide needs as God provided. Profits and shares outweigh a real value of commodities grown over generations, years destroyed overnight. Those living on cultivated land are displaced without food and water. Privileged few destroy, dehumanize and devalue human life so people with the lion shares create these problems. Jesus said, What does it profit you to gain the whole world to lose your soul. Things are useless in an afterlife so why let your greed destroy earth. These pyramid mammon schemes are applied daily to drive their profit beyond reality causes bubble and boom bust resulting in credit crunch. The earth shows signs of stress from wear and tear damages. It is beneficiaries who continue to destroy virgin forests no matter what and at this rate earth cannot continue. Ozone tragic consequences affect Japan, other people assured all things safely under control.Titanic is said to be unsinkable by God yet sunk so at what level will a guerrilla business tactic take notice of the climate changes to ethically deal business using Biblical methods designed by God to be used to preserve the earth. Believers are to watch and pray for God to give them power to get wealth and riches without sorrow in their houses to be enriched to become a blessing to others. Seek God’s Face to pray as Jabez did in 1 Chronicles 4:10 to apply Godly Principles. Increase and prosperity from God answers Jabez and blessed him as he asked God to do. So God helped Jabez’s global business to expand not to cause pain, grief, sorrow, lack, deprivation, poverty and economic under – development a disadvantage for the economic slavery guerrilla business strategies and under – hand tactics that destroy other’s resources while mocking them through propaganda by bragging of billions of profit made at expense of such business decisions? One does not have to return to draconian ways to live in caves or wear animal skins. Be caring enough to reflect on the true cost effect impact of excessive billions of dollars of wasted daily on earth. Have a sense of duty, care responsibly, value, appreciate God’s beautiful wonderful earth created for all. Put on thinking cap do your part to love, appreciate it. Do not take life for granted constantly exploiting produced things not needed. All are paying for the excessive waste produced with billions of pounds thrown away each year. You must be grateful, thankful love life, alert and vigilant for your soul be passionate, active about lovely, beautiful wonderful earth inherited to preserve it for future generations. Every little helps so plant more trees and sponsor those doing so. Remember, watch out its the little daily choices that add up to save the earth. So Yes we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. Stop excess waste to defeat 1,000, two defeat 10,000, you do the maths for 7+ billion people stopping massive excessive waste daily.

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Letters on the dial



Put on the Armor of GodEvery believer is to put on full armour of God daily through intense powerful prayers. Since lucifer, satan the devil rebelled against God in Heaven with a third of angels in Luke 10:18 Revelations 12:7-9, satan fell like lightning on earth. The devil continues to decive and blind people, as recorded in 2 Corinthians 4:4, to deceive them to doubt and rebel against God’s love to lose faith, trust and confidence in God. Since the devil lost the war in Heaven the new strategy is to target God’s people to try to create fear, to waver in faith by putting difficulties, confusion, obstacles in people’s way. The angel of light’s deception is so subtle, the very elect can be manipulated if they do not protect themselves with the armour of God as stated in Matthew 24:24. The devil was once the highest archangel in Heaven and the best musician who due to pride, insolence and insubordination wanted to take over God’s Glory. God threw satan out so forever and will be destroyed in hell at set time.        15489427555611050413306.jpg15489394250461050413306.jpg

The devil tries to take over God’s Creation from Adam and Eve to date. Trying to deceive people from submitting to God, the Owner Creator of Heaven and Earth. Everyone who works extremely hard to design, create knows the difficulties involved. The challenges, sacrifices, time, blood and sweat it cost them. For example the Mercedes car company creates a prototype and ready to roll into production. Someone turns up to tell them the car evolved so he wants to patent and take credit for the maintenance rights. In addition that person tries to set about advertising and publishing alternative manuals for customers to use to guide them instead of depending on original instructions of the rightful business owners. The one impersonating Mercedes tampers with design to manufacture fake counterfeit one without authorisation. The owner of Mercedes company will never allow take over by any incompetent diabolical person to destroy an excellent business reputation. So satan undermines God to make people there is something better than what God gives misleads people to sin against God to be destroyed.

So does the devil try to control people’s lives, minds, decisions and actions by using suggesting ideas contrary to the plan of God for them. The world subconconsciouly condones the devil more than people realise so it is necessary to get back to the original manual of God’s word to learn and understand it. It is not complicated at all it is people who create confusion with their interpretations. Read, search and choose specific verses that relate to your situation and keep repeating to yourself until it cancels out and resolves that need. Do not be discouraged because your miracle did not happen overnight. Keep on keeping on in the strength of God in faith until something happens in Jesus Name. Give thanks to God at all times. Ask God to help you put on your armour daily to cover you with the BLOOD of Jesus in Jesus Name.        15489390657971050413306.jpg

The Holy Spirit helps to open believer’s eyes to understand and discern spiritual TRUTH to deal with roots of problems so not to fight against flesh and blood. The power and spirit behind some attacks is the devil influencing certain behaviours and actions so must be tackled and dealt at source. The person being used must be prayed for and covered by the Blood of Jesus in Jesus Name. It is necessary for the believer to put on the full armour of God, the word of God, which is a two-edged sword which will not return void but accomplish whatever it sent to achieve in Jesus Name. Just as the best army fully equips its soldiers with the latest gadgets to defeat the enemy by air, land and sea, so the believer cannot go to battle without their armour of protection. The equipment by itself cannot guarantee victory because it is the military training, physical fitness, experience, teamwork, covering each other’s back from friendly fire, avoiding distractions, tactics and strategies in place that outwits and destroys the enemy totally.             15489397323701050413306.jpg15489400840101050413306.jpg


Similarly, Christian Soldiers are fully equipped by the MIGHTIEST Warrior in battle, Jehovah Nissi to claim and walk in the Victory already won for us 6,000 years ago by Christ Jesus. In Psalm 20:7 it says some trust in chariots and horses the believer’s spiritual weapons are not carnal but Mighty in God to pull down strongholds of the enemy of the soul in Corinthians 10:1-6. Again Matthew 10:28 says believers do not fear those who kill the body but not the soul, but Fear and Obey God ABOVE ALL who can kill the body and soul. With God’s armour of protection and Perfect Peace of God satan is already under your feet in Romans 16:20 in Jesus Name. In Hebrews 4:12, God’s Word is Quick, Powerful, Sharper than a two edged sword, Piercing and cutting through the soul, spirit, joints and marrow and is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. So use God’s word to defeat the devil because Jesus won the battle to cause us to triumph always in Jesus Name with Thanks, Praise and Glory to God.


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IMG_20140126_201121Believers are more than conquerors in the name of Jesus Christ because Roman’s 8:31-39, gives assurance that despite tribulations and challenges of life nothing shall separate believers from the love of God. This verses  encourage one through those moments when feeling blue to hold on steadfastly to God through Christ Jesus no matter what the issues, difficulties and the challenges faced daily. It may be issues from work, neighbours, friends, loved ones, or even the weather and storms of life. Sometimes it may be in dealing with physical, spiritual, emotional or other’s problems which weighs heavily and threatens trust and confidence in God. Whatever the situation, it is important to hold onto God in the midst of adversity. This is because of the cloud of witnesses surrounding and watching to see the manifestation of God’s Power and Faithfulness in your life. With God’s help every situation is under control although the external circumstances may seem contrary to the results expected.

God loves you deeply and is always available for you even if you do not see or hear him like your friends talk to you. He Will never turn His back on you when you draw near to God, He draws near to you. In a family, the one who makes time with parents gets to know them better and is wiser than sticking to only peers. God never separates from you though you may not feel his presence all the time. If one sins against God, He forgives, forgets, restores after repentance, in Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness as Jacob did in Genesis 32:9-31, saw God face to face, his name changed to Israel and his descendants still keep Abraham’s covenant with God today. God separated from satan, due to insolence and pride of trying to usurp God’s Glory, so was thrown out of Heaven to earth with a third of rebellious angels looking for those who let them, to devour. Abide in God’s Secret Place hide in Christ Jesus forever.

People may try to separate you from the love of God by complaining you have Obsessive, Compulsive, Jesus Syndrome (OCJS), as you talk too much about God, and spend too money on things of God by sponsoring church ministries. They may advise you to reduce the amounts given or stop entirely. Yet such people do not mind spending money on things destroying their health, taking loans to go on holidays to enjoy themselves. Some spend the whole nights partying and drinking yet mocking you for going to all night vigil to worship God. Worst of all, life does not seem different although loyal and dedicated in serving God. People cannot separate anybody grounded and rooted firmly in Christ Jesus. Politely thank, pray and bless them for interest but continue to focus on God. Well-meaning friends can lead astray because the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Discern negative people influencing concerns of life. Stop friends who try to separate Job from God’s love, healing miracle restoration. People’s decisions cannot separate you from God’s love in Jesus Name.Above all else, do not separate yourself from the love of God in the Name of Jesus Name. No matter how tough the going gets, remember you are more than a conqueror, protected in Christ Jesus’ Blood in Jesus Name. Do not be overwhelmed by problems to reject God. As a matter of fact, the greater the storm the faster the speed to run into Gods loving arms. Do not allow fear, guilt, shame, rejection by people or anything cause you to separate yourself from God. This is because God treats you differently from how people accept you. God does not define you by your sins, mistakes, past but people judge and call you by problems like ‘the woman with the issue of blood but that did she did not separate herself from Christ. The blind beggar did not let people separate him from his miracle from Jesus. Do not let anything draw or seduce you from God’s Presence, God’s Divine love and protection cover through the Blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus. Remember Jesus has given you All Power in Heaven and Earth, Power over all the power of the enemy so absolutely nothing shall by any means hurt you in Jesus Name. So you are more than Conqueror in Jesus Name with thanks and Glory to God.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 16.13.57It is important to mind your own business by keeping an eye on it to ensure it flourishes and grows to make profit and to expand globally. At some point however, the business becomes to big for the owner to keep eyes on all branches daily. This is why others are hired to develop and maintain growth of the business. Such a move is right and considered appropriately genuine by caring enough to seek other’s, paid for their expertise and services to keep eyes on the business interests and so people do not lean exclusively on their own understanding to avoid pitfalls and destructions. Such help is appropriate when given in good faith to build up and lift up the recipient’s business without hidden motives or agendas to boast only the fat cat’s interests and egos in the process at the business’s expense. This is why people get help and share concerns because it is believed two heads are better than one, since no one is an island one bounces ideas for feedback for progress.

There are numerous occasions when the right intervention of family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, spouses, significant others even those of enemies literally saved lives. It is true a problem shared is a problem halved by comparing inputs from other’s perspective to help clarify deep emotional issues or business concerns. If not, it can engulf one not to think clearly in the midst of stress so cause people to run helter-skelter, telling anyone who cares to listen to off-load their chest. This brings great relief for a short-time then resurfaces again but it is re-assuring to know others care about the situation.At times one is actually advised to inform others on need to know basis for future reference and witnesses. However, if not done wisely it worsens the situation of the restoration process as too many cooks spoil the broth. Claims profess surely inherited secret recipes are the best. But subsequently, ruin food instead. Too much added junk E ingredients destroy culinary perfection. Instead of specific, accurate, right weights and measurement recommended by master-chef. Similarly, in real life some people approach other’s business with too much passion, overzealous enthusiasm than required appropriately in trying to help. They do not realise they do more harm than good because they do not fully understand the boundaries of business relationships. They take other’s private confidential matters and run with it in the name of help since they feel they are always right and perfect. As the master-gossip, they ensure everyone knows about other’s issues through them yet nothing changes for the better to improve that person’s life. They enjoy gossiping as full-time job and always has the latest story but like Chinese whispers their version of the story changes totally so does not sound like nothing like what it began with. Those sharing story due to selfish fear of losing loved one in anticipation of changes, sabotages them to retain friendship. They get negative attention by preferring that friend to remain under their thumb due to blatant jealousy. So they set about destroying that loved one, as they strongly believe they know better how to deal with them than themselves through co-dependency.

They do not let them become independent, so use blackmail, issues death-threat plus manipulations to keep a tab on them. As it takes two to tango, they often hand-pick and select vulnerable, impressionable people who naively trust them. If the worm turns they have tantrums fits, huff and puff curses that return to them 7 fold in Jesus Name sealed by the Blood of Jesus. They also gang up to attack victims due narcissism for if they cannot control or gain selfishly from that person they want to punish, destroy, because they cannot stand to see their success in life without them. In another story of insubordination, rebellious accomplices were punished, swallowed and buried alive from an opening in the earth for attacking God’s anointed. Those forthcoming boldly were threatened to be bitten by God’s serpents for disobedience accused of not following instruction from ministers. Some misquote Bible verse, ‘greater love has no one than to lay down their lives for others. So take advantage of victims forced to join in to do their bidding against God’s will in fear of reprisal.Meanwhile such bullies never lay down their lives for anyone or any of those they ruin in the process. Jesus has already laid down His so no other life sacrificed can save. A classic case is that  of the priest Aaron and prophetess Miriam, the two siblings of Moses. Both though mightily used by God to support Moses’ ministry now felt they too knew God and can make decisions for Moses. Yet forgot God said touch not my anointed and do my ministers and prophets no harm. They complained about the black woman Zipporah, Moses married because they were racists who claimed they were upholding God’s warnings not to marry the heathen on the land. God allowed Miriam to be covered with leprosy and Moses had to intercede to God for mercy and for forgiveness so  Miriam was restored. This is the authority abuse in church by those taking advantage of innocent people who come to serve God under them. Many become too power – drunk so think they are above everyone else so chose to surround them selves with those who dare not complain for fear of losing their powerful position and life. Again, Hophni and Phinehas, are two junior priests and sons of the high priest Eli, took advantage of worshippers by serving best portion of sacrifices to themselves first before God’s Portion was offered on the altar.

Furthermore, they indulged in lustful acts of intercourse with women dedicated to serving in God’s Holy Temple. They were spoilt brats out of control who refused to listen to those who pleaded with them to change and stop such acts of defiance of God. So God called the child prophet, Samuel to prophesy consequences of their actions upon the whole nation and on themselves. Instead of humbling themselves to proclaim a fast, repent lament, ask God for mercy, grace and His deliverance like Nineveh repented or Esther saved the nation from racist murderers they rudely ignored warnings, so accepted punishment and destroyed the whole nation plus their wives and children. They decided they would not change for no one, not even for God or consider the lives of the innocent people dragged down by the consequences of their actions. People needlessly died for something they did not do for cooperate responsibility and accountability. Minding ones own business can protect one’s life for God to intervene on one’s behalf as God did for Moses or ruin the nation involved in the process of condoning sin against God. Ultimately, God Jehova Nissi has the Final Say So WILL Defend the defenceless and all those exploited and treated as underdogs. Keep minding one’s own business in the right way and God will deliver you, keep you safely covered by the Blood of Jesus, for no weapon formed against you will proper in Jesus Name.

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Chosen in Christ

religious_024Jesus has been talked about and written about more than any other great person on earth. You watched the films, read the Bible, grown up or attended church all your life. You are biggest giver and the backbone of the church through your contributions. You sponsor ministry projects, built several churches all over the world, built orphanages. schools, given scholarships to several people so the list goes on. The question is, have you given your life to Jesus Christ and are you living in obedience to his Will? One does not have to be perfect but be connected to God through His Son Jesus Christ. One can own everything in the whole world and be celebrated but what does it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul. Good success constantly makes plans to enjoy life but will God be impressed if invited?

Will it be an atmosphere worthy of His Sacrifice for your life? Will he be willing to partake of what you eat, drink, wear, and do? Think, reflect and be honest with yourself. Despite what you have ever done or did not do, Jesus is still waiting for you to invite Him into your heart to come and be your friend. He is willing to forgive you by His Grace to restore your life before it is too late. God is watching over you with His angels so invite Him today in repentance for salvation: Dear Jesus, I am sorry for all my sins, please forgive me. I repent and turn my back on satan so ask you into my life today. I believe you are the Son of God who died and resurrected from the dead. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Please come and dwell in my hear. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, Strengthen and empower me to live right for you in Jesus Name I pray. Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank you God forgiveness, mercy and grace.

Please reveal yourself to me through your word and Help me to walk in Holiness, Righteousness, to Please You in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus. Glory to God. The angels in heaven are rejoicing with God because your name is now written in The Lamb of God’s Book of Life. Remember the greatest miracle is the eternal salvation of your soul. Join in a good Bible Church and continue to study the word of God. Get a notebook and write any topics or words you do not understand. Ask questions and pray for a teachable spirit to learn to grow from baby Christian fed on milk to mature to eat meat the word of God. God bless and keep you and Make His Face to shine upon you. Thank You Lord, Praise, Worship To You Lord, Amen and Amen. Pray and share faith with others to be saved in Jesus Name. God reward with new name and crowns in Heaven.

Godly Inheritance

velpicstitch20140125_212625Proverbs 1: 22 says a good person out of the goodness of their heart, leaves good inheritance for their children’s children. So is the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just to promote God’s kingdom to win souls into Heaven. So material inheritance is good to be given to children’s children. In addition, the greatest asset, inheritance, treasure and wealth to bequeth to loved ones is wisdom is eternal salvation of soul if a believer. Recently, in 2008 Mrs MacDonald donated 11 billion dollars to Salvation Army in her will. Similarly, many others accumulated wealth but realised they could not carry it with them beyond this life so are generous to charities. It is great to own wealth and riches but not to put trust and confidence in them because the power it gives lasts for a season while the greatest miracle is eternal salvation of the soul. Hollywood wealth is good but still needs Godly inheritance and joy of the lord. It is good to busy but not too preoccupied with material things only. So enjoy life and spend quality time to invest Godly wealth and moral standards God requires as deserved by all. Inheritance left for descendants today and in future must bless generations. So must not batter and bruise them because of decisions of past generations. The rules of democracy and freedom of choice and right of consent must protect children and teenagers. The cortex must develop fully to understand wealth, business management and profit increases.People cannot be encouraged to live anyhow and do exactly as they please to make them happy because it does not matter the consequences of choices as long as they feel good and enjoy themselves it is alright. Sooner or later, the enjoyment for a season becomes a life-time nightmare because a dog is for life so the next generation bears the brunt of other’s choices and decisions. Take the modern logic for example of children who can barely take care of themselves being encouraged to do as they wish with their body which belongs to God the Creator as His Temple for His  Spirit to dwell in. As long as they can afford it, dress anyhow even it looks promiscuous or creates wrong impressions attracting wrong people into their lives. The argument is the skimpier the better because as it shows off private sacred body parts of precious beautiful people including ‘I am aware’ fashion styles that hardly cover the body. Dignity and moderation are no longer the priority as it helps size up one’s choice faster than waiting to uncover it privately at the right time. Very young children who do not control purse strings have tantrums to decide their own style and looks because of what they see others do. Parents must cater to innocent demands decency to teach changes from toddlers to teenagers to dress appropriately. They must start in the first years as parents control purse strings. They must have self-respect to dress decently from home not to secretly change in a friend’s house to blend in with latest fashion. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says the body is not your own so bought with the Blood of Jesus so respect and honour God with body and wealth.

my_treasure_chest_wallpaper_y3flSimilarly, the quality of food eaten to feed God’s precious, intricately and wonderfully made body cannot be left to chance and mood swings based on affordability. One cannot eat depending on what one craves or choose  instant junk foods. Cheap readily available food eaten by people too busy to make time to cook from scratch affects brain development. Children must be supervised to learn to cook to eat healthy family meals. And continue as adults so they can cook themselves healthy. Poor diet has consequences and effects on the body. It includes lethargy, insufficient nutrition for the body, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, (ADHD) treated with strong medications to calm the children down. It affects focus, learning, concentration and increases asthmatic conditions seen in attention reduction from Jamie Oliver’s healthy school dinner programmes. Couch potato syndrome behaviour eat lots of food before the body gets basic nutrients from such foods. This the reason why people become addicted to the combination of fat, salt and sugars that provide quick metabolism but does not last long. It is difficult to undo damage once the child’s taste buds become used to such tastes. The adult has to completely stop buying junk food into the house to replace it with healthy cheaper meals if one shops wisely. In Leviticus 19:28 God warns His people not to cut body or eat certain foods that affect body. The body marked and over decorated by excess body art by believers is forbidden. According to Bible, desire purpose of God involved in lives. Body marks by witch doctors identify DNA logo point of contact marks of incision initiation design cult destiny.

Once a person consults them for protection, healing or wealth they are marred for life. The blood DNA is linked to the altar for direct access into the family for generations unless one deletes one’s family name from demonic registers through continuous deliverance, prayer and fasting until Jesus returns. The marks on the body become a point of contact that attracts demons and spiritual attacks this is why wherever people go problems seem to follow them. God warns believers not to mark their body as the heathen did to t marks the person to suffer no matter how well qualified, trained, efficient, competent, hardworking or excellent they are. It projects a spiritual body dysmorphic disorder so instead of acceptance of divine helpers they wrongly see problems, evil aura around them so reject them. They suffer, are falsely accused and punished through evil occurrences due to the embargo of curses placed on the family through ignorance, jealousy, envy, anger, revenge or error to disgrace, bring shame and reproach to the family.  Another sad story is the curse brought upon innocent children by those who rejected Jesus and pronounced curses that the Blood of Jesus be upon them and their children in Matthew 27:25. This provoked God’s Jealousy and Wrath of God so granted their permissive will which became a self-fulfilled prophecy with global persecutions. The good news is in Roman’s 11:26 God in His mercy forgives so said all Israel will be saved in Jesus Name. Others desecrate God’s Holy Temple, their body by serving beelzebub so allowed evil spirits, demons to invade their body with spirits of fear and infirmity that torment the body because the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but God gives life more abundantly to enjoy. The devil has nothing good except to destroy, cause rebellion and unbelief against God.So watch and pray because the devil roams like about like a lion looking for those who allow it to devour them. But you are more than a conqueror in Jesus Name so will good inheritance for your children and children’s children in Jesus Name. The family must always teach people what God demands from a believer’s body. Be a good example even if you made a mistake in the past God will forgive and restore your life. Walk in holiness and righteousness ss no matter what others or family members do. You will account of yourself to God so do not let other people’s sin contaminate you to sin to cause you to go to hell. Even if a whole nation edges you to join in to conform to their worldly ways and methods, stand firm even if they feel your holiness embarrasses them remember it is better to obey God rather than men. Forgive all who sin against you so God forgive you also according Matthew 6:14. A young man shared his grandfather’s testimony in church as follows. As a child, his grandfather ate basic mealy meals everyday prepared from their own crop harvests but craved junk foods he was told was not good for him. The whole family sacrificed to contribute to save hard-earned money for his school fees so had no pocket-money. The family hardly had enough left over for the rest of the family after fees and medical bills. One day, the grandfather as a child, found money in a book. He took the chance and went on a spending spree to buy and eat junk food he was forbidden from eating. The great-grandfather angry for losing money sacrificed needs to save. Grandfather did not realise his fees hidden for the term to pay school. His father was enraged for loss so secretly consulted a witch doctor to pronounce a curse on who took money. After return from witch doctor his son suffered strange attacks and illnesses. Worst of all the curse returned against great-grandfather 7 fold and sealed unto sender with the blood of Jesus.

inheritanceThe great-grandfather died prematurely so never lived to see or enjoy the fruits of his labour. The saved, sanctified forgiven grandfather is still alive today because there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Vengeance belongs to God even if you have the right to punish the one who hurt you. Let God’s Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness Protection Preserve your life through forgiving others in Jesus Name. Although that curse once put shame and reproach on that grandfather for years, and he stopped being the best student in the class to become the worst God had mercy on him for his naive childish sins committed in ignorance. In the past everywhere grandfather went things mysteriously disappeared as evil spirits invoked against him followed him to disgrace him. The more he helped people and worked harder the greater the shame. Eventually, after repentance, salvation, and deliverance he became born again and God revealed the source and effects of the curse from his great-grandfather upon his grandfather and saw the effects on his own father and himself. In Jesus Name, the grandfather broke the curse so God delivered him and future generations. Today that grandfather is a professor of medicine in one of the most prestigious universities on earth. People suffer from unknown generational curses, disputes over land, property, business, chieftancy, polygamy jealousy, ancestral sins inherited. But think in full control of their mind, body and soul. Yet monitoring spirits rule their lives until they come under new management of Jesus to stop suffering due to curses of jilted lovers, ex-spouses among others.

God said if fathers eat sour grapes the children’s teeth will NOT be set on edge any more. Each will account for own sins. Therefore sins will not be passed on to children’s children if they repent and seek God mercy, grace and forgiveness in Jesus Name. Character assassination by gossip defiles as mouth is used to bless and curse. Christianity is not a joke so requires holiness and righteousness in one’s body from drugs, alcohol, smoking and illicit sex which pollutes the body. Romans 12:1 urges true believers to keep their body holy as a living sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God. Mohammed Ali once said every great treasure is buried deep underneath the earth so one has to dig deeper to reach it. Similarly, anything easily acquired without the Favour and Blessing of God goes easily. It is only when life processed and refined properly does it shine brightly and perfectly like Kanye West’s engagement ring to Kim Kardashian which was once a mere black coal. So, any long-term life expectation of the precious body involves respecting, valuing, caring, using the body wisely and carefully to maintain and protect it because it is sacred. God said anyone not in control of their body and soul is like a rich city full of precious treasures left widely opened for looters to collect for free. So cover family with the Blood of Jesus in prayer to God to protect family and your spirit by leaving the greatest asset of eternal life. The greatest  as a treasure of salvation in holiness and righteousness to children’s children plus material gifts decided in will in Jesus’ Mighty Name with Thanks and Glory to God.

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