Ruth 2:12, The Lord repay your work with full reward given you by the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge. God does not hate rich people or does not want people to be rich. God wants rich people to treat employees fairly and well as Boaz did and provided for Ruth. Boaz left food for the poor and strangers to harvest according to God’s Biblical instructions. In Joel 2:25, God promises to repay you all the years you have toiled but not paid for. This proves God sees your your hard work which may literally cost an arm and a leg. God knows how you feel when your wealth, assets or inheritance is taken over by the undeserving, unthankful, ungrateful wasters. In Malachi 3:5b, God watches so reassures those workers trodden upon. God sees their tears and unpaid wages controlled by privileged few. The wicked take advantage of widows, orphans, fatherless and strangers. God remembers so will surely pay past generation perpetrators and  reward you in Jesus Name.

In Matthew 19:16-26 Jesus talked to a rich lawyer who thought he was a good person and a law-abiding citizen and everything was alright. Jesus warned him to change but he refused to change from lavish extravagant ways. With no regard for fellow human beings who worked for him. But all the silver and gold belong to God, plus a cattle on a 1000 hills. In Luke 12:13-21 is the story of the rich man who bragged about his wealth and plans to build bigger barns to hoard his goods while depriving his workers.  He did not regard God as the source of his riches or say if God wills, he will expand his business. God was very angry because he exploited others for his selfish gains. Again in Luke 16:19-31, there was another very rich man who had it all but due to greed he deprived the poor to enrich himself He did not remember that God hates greedy selfish people who think only they exclusively deserve all the silver and gold which belongs to God. They forget they are mere stewards and employees in charge responsible for providing equally for others like themselves. In James:1-5 God warns those oppressing others to change to pay fairly because he will punish them if they don’t repent. God sees the pain, grief, sorrow, lack and poverty and will provide in Jesus Name.

1 Kings 21 King Ahab’s greedy tantrums usurped Naboth’s vineyard which was inherited and not for sale because it belonged to the family to pass on to the next generations. Jezebel fasted and prayed with her accomplices then lied about Naboth’s greed by falsely accusing him of cursing both God and king. The love of money is the root of all evil. So they stoned Naboth to death and then the king took Naboth’s vineyard because it was near his palace for a vegetable garden. God saw it all and sent prophet Elijah to punish them of their evil wicked deeds that disaster will come upon them so dogs and birds will eat them in the city and in the country. Ahab humbled himself and prayed to God for mercy so God forgave him and deferred Ahab’s punishment to his descendants and to future generations. Jezebel fell through the window, died and was eaten by dogs. Some families inherit family curses which they may not understand so believers need pray to God to reveal to the any generational curses they may be dealing with and plead the Blood of Jesus, God’s mercy and grace for forgiveness in Jesus Name.

In Revelation 19:11-20 God has plans in place to deal with the avaricious oppressors in Jesus Name. Again, perhaps the storms destroyed all you owned including priceless sentimental valuables and now you can barely keep a roof over your head or has nowhere to lay your head. You wonder, does God really care anymore in the midst of all these tragedies. Just as it seems you are beginning to pick yourself up from one issue, another problem is already looming on the horizon. You wonder how much longer you can cope with those traumatic events. In Ruth 2-4, Naomi and Ruth experienced tragedies in the past but favoured by God. Through divine connection to Boaz a generous and kind hearted rich man who did the right thing and married Ruth. Ruth is the mother of Obed the father of Jesse the father of king David’s family from which the King of kings Jesus Christ descended.

God blessed Abraham, king David, Solomon and other men and women in the Bible with wealth and riches, including those who built temples for God sponsored the Gospel of Jesus Christ during His ministry on earth and continue to do so today. There are billions of wonderfully rich people who are kind, generous, sponsor many charities and thanks to them many have been helped over the years. God demands those like greedy rich in the Bible, to stop throwing perfectly good food and things away to bless all His creation because the cattle on thousands hills and earth belongs to God. It does not make sense while millions are dying daily from starvation and hunger. Perhaps you are the first to turn up on every occasion and the last to leave; you are dedicated, loyal, faithful, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, a person of integrity, generous with your time and resources.csh

However, the more devoted you are to God and people the more it appears your troubles seem to increase. You have done endless amazing things to various people, but only few expressed gratitude to encourage your faith. Others insulted you and some became your enemies. Such is life unfortunately because hurting people hurt others. Despite these your  confidence and kindness is unparalleled because you firmly believe God is the ULTIMATE REWARDER of all. Maybe you are an entrepreneur who set up many companies and businesses, employed millions or thousands yet you lost it all in the credit crunch, so feel you have let others down and beating yourself up. On the other hand, you may have recently started a business which is not doing so well and you see it going down the drain. You do not know whom to turn to because you were the one people turn to.Or it was your harvests wiped out by floods, drought or pestilence. You hardly have anything to eat today so dread thinking about the future. God is in control and will make a way where there seems to be no way. In Luke 5:5, Jesus saw the people struggling to make ends meet in vain. They toiled hard but caught no fish, it almost sounds like the story of your life or ministry whereby your own efforts have resulted in nothing. Jesus has a keen interest in your efforts and wants you to help you launch into the deep by changing your method, strategies, ideas, resources and accomplishing your goals. To achieve your ambitions, you need to trust God again, believe Christ has your best interest at heart, and will only do you good. At times, so many things happen you question your ability and judgement so wants to know what to do next. You feel unprepared to take risks because your track record so far is not impressive.  Well, we have a  Saviour who measures you differently.

Man looks on outward beauty, status, qualifications, attainments, accolades, bank balance to size you up. God however, gives Unmerited Divine Favour and Unexpected Surprises you could never achieve by your strength. God will surely repay you in His Timing according to His Plans and Purposes for your life in Jesus Name. He will!!! Take comfort in knowing that you did all unto the Lord God Himself. You were the faithful conduit of blessings to reach out to others although may not feel one is highly valued or appreciated. God sees and knows it all so will definitely reward you by blessing beyond a thousand generation. Maybe you are slave descendant waiting for justice, compensation, dealing with trauma of racism, discrimination, economic slavery. God sees it all so seek His mercy, grace, favour. Ask God for power to create wealth although you feel exploited and worked hard enough already. God will supernaturally provide for you if you believe Him to do so and receive blessings in Jesus Name.

For more info about the bible and managing money wisely, go to the link below. Thanks for reading.



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