Jesus-and-Man-Sitting-on-BenchJesus Cares for so turn to Christ to help you although told education is the key to life. You studied hard so expects everything to turn out well but not fulfilled. To achieve further visions goals you built business empires. Or search diligently for work so got dream job but has void inside. Next you took mortgage and bought the best house you could afford and invited friends to your house-warming party. Just as the dust settled you realised it’s too lonely by yourself  so you set about looking for perfect housemates. You even have various cars to grace your home as part of your big statement as proof of your achievements. You own many properties, ships, airplanes but still something was not quite right inside you. You were told to find the most beautiful partner in your eyes so you would be completely made whole.

You found your perfect partner yet it seems relationships bring additional issues and you are now responsible for yourself and the partner. You thought by solidifying the relationship things will improve and you will live happily ever after. It turned out to be your worst nightmare so you dreaded going home every night. Despite the state of affairs you firmly believed bringing children into the relationship will redress the imbalance to make an impact so you had children and became happy but the void is still in you. You moved several times to the best neighbourhoods you could afford, but things seemed complicated in your personal life. From the outside, you have it all, but inside you lacked something you could not quite understand. You travelled all over the world in search of fulfilling that missing link feeling with the evidence of your journeys in vain.

As much you enjoyed those trips you still felt you needed something more to satisfy your longings. You tried other leisure and pleasures yet you seem to long for a much more deeper inner peace. Eventually, it begins to dawn on you that life has much more to offer than materialist desires. You embark on a search to fulfil your spirituality and so tried a few pick and mix religions and myths but seemed further from realising your ambitions. Then comes the eureka moment when it dawns on you that you treat faith like a project you must accomplish. Yet in reality, what you actually need is to let go and let God take total control of all aspects of your life. Yes you need to accept Jesus’ invitation for access to all areas of your life including the good, the bad and the ugly. God has seen it all before so there is nothing new under the sun that surprises Him anymore. God is wiling to forgive you as long as you confess your sins to Him, repent, humbly ask His forgiveness, mercy, grace for He is compassionate.

Fill the void by inviting Jesus into life, letting God reign in your heart and put God first daily in your personal life. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and help you express your deepest feelings, darkest thoughts to Him. You may even weep like Jesus or king David and king Hezekiah cried to God for mercy and extension of his life. Read your Bible and meditate on verses that speak into your situation or touches your heart and spirit. Get good mood music worthy of God’s hearing, feed spirit, soul with sound music. Worship God privately in prayer closet, sing to Him, ask Him to reveal Himself to you from daily reading His Word. Find a Bible believing church fellowship to study the Word and grow.



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