In Joshua 24:15, we will serve the Lord God. A time comes to declare to people to make up minds to be fully committed to God. Similarly, in our own lives there comes a point when we have to make the decision to choose to serve God wholeheartedly and stop sitting on the fence. This at times means parting company with people we hang around previously but our lifestyles clash because of choice to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. In Mark 8:34-38, said we should not be ashamed of Him to boldly testify and declare Him as our Lord and Saviour. God will give new friends as Jesus said in Matthew 19:29 and Mark 10:28-29 anyone who lost friends, family, houses, property, etc. God’s Kingdom’s gives and receives 100 in this life and in the life to come because Jesus already prepared mansions for us.5pcs-lot-as-for-me-and-my-house-we-will-serve-2We may face opposition, threats, rejection from loved ones because of our choice. Often, friends we expect to fully support us betray us for the sake of our faith. Some become secret disciples for the sake of their reputation and dare not let anyone know they received Christ as personal saviour. God wants all to be saved and does not want anyone to perish.  This means we would like the family circle to be complete in heaven and be part of the global Family of God. It is essential to continue praying for each member to be saved even if things seem worse when prayer starts for them. This is challenge to our faith to continue to intercede for loved ones. Some saved today are harvests of previous generation’s intercessions.

There are so many attractions and distractions trying to get believers and the elect off course by trying to prevent them from fulfilling God’s gifts and calling for their chosen destiny. In fact one is tempted to think life used feel better when one was not fully committed to God. Well, this is part of the strategy to keep people hooked on the Broadway where multitudes are in the fast lane. The path of life is very narrow, and few are on it. At times, it may be lonely yet with our lives hidden in Christ Jesus we have the Mighty support of the heavenly host. Also, some are misunderstood however, for the sake of Christ Sacrifice for us and our homes, we choose to continue to serve God through Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.

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