The dynamic word of God is filled with the Holy Spirit as a flaming fire, to keep us very hot for God at all times. The Holy Spirit is sent ablaze by Jesus as seen on the day of Pentecost and spreading like wild-fire reaching across all nations. It is a sign of the evidence of the Consuming Fire Nature of God who revealed  Himself to Moses in the burning bush that was not burnt. This Holy Spirit fire is necessary to keep us spiritually alive and well-lit as the light of the world to drive away the darkness from the uttermost parts of the world. One gets the Holy Spirit by inviting Him to fill us and to dwell in us to help us lead holy righteous lives and to get a better understanding of the word of God. Holy Spirit dunamis helps us to pray especially if we do not know how to pray. In times of distress, the Holy Spirit comforts us and guides us into all truth. The Holy Spirit also helps us gain insight and a deeper meaning of God’s word. It is shines onto the rhema and logos word of God to make it  relevant to our circumstances. One suddenly finds a particular verse touching in a new way, although that verse may be well-known and read over and over previously. Holy Spirit gives us strength to carry on daily and equips us with the ability to endure in challenging times.

The Holy Spirit empowers us to run the Christian race to win the prize and discern the right spirit.  The Holy Spirits manifests with signs and wonders and speaking in tongues by those who receive Him. The Holy Spirit gives us 7 main various gifts to use in body of Christ Church. These gifts are wisdom, counsel, knowledge, understanding, holiness, strength to endure and fear of the Lord. The Holy Spirit enables us to dream dreams and see visions in the spiritual realm. It opens our spiritual eyes to see beyond human eyes and equips us to take authority over demons and cast them out in Jesus Name.

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