Jesus always loves little Children and young people so openly welcomed them into the midst of His meetings even when others thought they may disturb their conversations. Jesus is a great example of allowing children to listen to His Teachings.  Jesus did not exclude the children from His presence by making excuses that they were too young to understand the things of God. Recently a Sunday school teacher, drove away 12 year old from Sunday School, after telling them they were old enough to go pubs, smoke, drink alcohol but said they were too old to be in Sunday School. They were not allowed to be baptised by immersion though express desire to do so. They were told to go taste world first to sin then repent so too young to fully commit to God. Soon after no children were left in that church anymore for they all left to other local churches where they felt accepted. Jesus on the other hand, placed children in the centre of his sermons to illustrate how humble and trusting believers must be like little children.In Ecclesiastics 12:1 in the Bible, it is written, remember the Lord God your Creator in your youth. Young people today face so many challenges in the fast lane of life so it is necessary to have anchor in God. This gives an excellent foundation to build on. Different voices call attention to keep  preoccupied with positive engagement to become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Start teaching them the word of God as children so when they grow they will not depart from God in Jesus Name. In 1 Corinthians 15:33, it is stated that do not be deceived, God is not mocked because bad company ruins good morals. Young people are easily influenced by peers because they want to fit in. This is why the Bible reminds young people to remember God in their youth. While young, they are to make choices and decisions based on Godly Standards, Morals and Values. It is important to ensure young people are taught Godly values from home, in school, church, community. Believing in God is not just relevant for old people. God loves children and young people so much He is their friend.God cares so wants them to remember Him to talk to Him everyday like they talk to their best friends. God has compassion for young people, so He sent His Only Begotten Son Christ Jesus to die for their sins to save them. Every young person who believes and accepts Christ as a personal Saviour will never perish but have eternal life. Young people are special to  God so they must be given every chance to believe and receive God’s favour because God has called and chosen them into His Kingdom. Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, Let children come to me, do not stop them for the Kingdom of God belongs to them. Adults must receive Christ like innocent children accept things without analytical arguments. God has young people’s best interest at heart so wants lives to be full of fruit of Holy Spirit. In Galatians 5:22-26 these are love, joy, peace, patience, endurance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, humility and self-control. Young people don’t be selfish demanding indulgence as “your majesty child” without respect for Godly boundary discipline.

Daily problems can be dealt with better by young people who have qualities instilled in them to build their confidence in the early years of life. It is not wise to leave young people to find out about life the hard way in ignorance as the world encourages them to make their own mistakes. God never intended young people should be left to their own devices. It essential to direct them to Godly values to mature in the Way God planned for them so when they grow they will not depart from that righteous path. Above all, it is important to appreciate and respect adults, honour them, in order to receive God’s blessings, so it will be well with them and they will live long according to Deuteronomy 5:16. It is important to give opportunity to children to listen to God’s Word, grow and store Jesus’ teaching in their heart. Some churches abuse children by kidnapping and holding them to ransom to extract money from parents with lies that they are possessed so parents must pay for them to be delivered. Other children are accused of being witches when their parents die during childbirth or accused of bringing misfortunes into family so killed or put in exile. Any family members that show kindness to them are ostracised. Jesus said in Mark 9:42 anyone who causes any children to stumble, fall or lose faith, is held accountable to God. In Churches and communities children do not contribute money and financial wealth, devalued, diminished de-humanized. Responsible people devote time to loving, protecting, providing for children but others treat them with disdain in society. Some are made to feel as if they are out of their mind for helping care for children and supporting them throughout their lives because families are for life not just for Christmas. Adults fulfil Godly duties of devoting time to children are made to feel as lazy people who prefer to join and hide behind children so not doing a proper job. A full-time motherhood is frown upon as no work yet no amount of money can ever pay for their services often taken for granted. While some are bereaved or left to care for children on their own they pay the ultimate price of juggling work and childcare needs.

Often this affects their career and promotion as well as income and national insurance contributions and pension. They are treated appallingly in job market after years of raising their children. Expected to be competent to perform like those with the continuous profession. So penalised and constantly blamed for issues affecting their family. Most judging or condemning often have no children, not care for children before but think they know it all. Psychological theories studied about children without fully experiencing daily pressure, stress of genuinely caring for children. These includes: priceless cost of time involved raising them, and the sleepless nights, challenging 24 hours of endless hours looking after them, as mother, nanny, father, cook, cleaner, laundry, shopping, school run, clothes, shoes, outings, hospital appointments, until they grow up and still depend on parents. Children are forced too early from parents, especially to reject Godly standards of raising children and who resent raising their own children so send them to strangers who at times sexually abuse them in nurseries. Devoted parents raise children to obey the law so supervise at home after school hours. Though properly look after children are considered lazy so punished by state low insurance contributions. Raising well bred and brought up children is valuable to God and economically pay taxes. Those who work consistently resent those with children.  If all women refuse to bear children there will be no more citizens to buy more goods produced. Or future adults to take care of those making policies without consideration. Jesus loves all children of the world including red, yellow, black or white ones to treat all fairly and equally in Jesus Name.

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    Thank you for liking our blog and finding the Gospel Message of Jesus helping to you. Thanks and God Bless.

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    Thank you for finding answers to what you are looking for through GODSHOTSPOT and gaining information. God Bless you.

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