538690625_jesus_and_earth_xlargeIn Phillipians 4:7, God’s Peace is far above and beyond understanding. So surpasses all knowledge shall keep our  hearts and mind safe in union with Christ. God’s peace, is far beyond understanding, so keeps the heart fixed on God even in the midst of adversity. God’s Peace comes through accepting Christ Jesus. So our lives is hidden inside Christ in God. God protects through the fire and drought and storms of life. God’s Peace keeps our hearts and minds within the powerful confines of Christ Jesus. This peace is possible because our minds are stayed on God who gives us great peace. This peace comes only from God, not as world gives. Peace means be still and feel God’s presence in tough moments of lives. Despite the circumstances around us, we are assured that a thousand will fall at our side and ten thousand at our right side but it shall not come near us in Jesus Name. Our life is of great value to God because we are precious to God. While on God’s narrow road of life, problems of life face us. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. God’s Divine help keeps us safe in the midst of the storms of life. God’s Peace comes from advance preparation reading Word, Prayer and thanks giving to God.Problems of life wants us to have doubt and unbelief to try to blame and reject God. It is God’s Peace that keeps us safe in union with God through Christ Jesus for so our hearts remain fixed within the True Vine forever and ever. By finding  relevant Bible texts that speak into our situation, memorize simple texts in advance before the occasion comes to apply them in life. Learn excellent Bible stories as good examples to follow and prioritize plans to focus on God throughout the day without interfering with duties. There is so much distractions so one needs discipline to remember to keep one’s mind STAYED ON GOD. It is when the mind is stayed on God that problems have no place to take root to destroy our faith, trust, belief and confidence in God. Avoid negative people who want to keep in fearful negative thoughts to doubt God. God’s revelation knowledge is beyond intellectual logical analysis so walk by faith not by sight through natural eyes. God’s Eyes are roaming to and fro on our behalf to do us good so the things of God are spiritually discerned through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. 

God’s power and gifts are spiritually discerned but foolishness to the  unbelieving mind concentrating on facts and details. God gives us power and assurance to believe His Truth in our hearts in Romans 10:10, to only speak by faith to manifest the miracles of God in us. In difficult times, we have the joy of the Lord and God’s Peace which does not make sense to the natural mind. It is our Confidence in God’s Word that helps us by faith to accomplish great things beyond our expectations.  God empowers us with His strength to grow through the gift of faith to fight the good fight of faith to receive our miracles. This Peace of God must be constantly dwelt upon daily despite visible challenges. True faith is evidence of things hoped for and believed through faith mixed with God’s word to win to receive the promises of God in our lives. Our mind acts on God’s Peace by staying on God’s Word to apply and fulfil God’s plans and purposes daily in our lives in Jesus Name for our testimony.  Money and relationships cannot buy this Peace of God that passes all human understanding in Jesus Name.

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