In Genesis 1:26-31 on the 6th day of creation, God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.” So God saw His completed creation and said it was very good. God was impressed as, He finished His work. So we are fearfully and wonderfully created by God in His Own Image and Likeness. This means we have God’s Holy Spirit in us as we are created with Godly qualities found in God Himself. We are made 100% perfectly whole and able to Love God first, ourselves next by ensuring we eat, rest and sleep well, keep fit to be strong enough to do our duties, responsibilities and take care of loved ones. Through God’s help we have inner strength, joy, love, high self-esteem happiness, and at peace with ourselves to be able to help friends, family colleagues and loved ones.It is only our Father God who can fill the void in our heart whether single or married. Though we marry, buy and sell, do business and prosper, it is essential to recognise God’s first priority in our life is to have a deep personal relationship first with us. Through Christ Jesus we are God’s chosen and anointed to do great exploits in Jesus Name. Therefore no man-made image is equal to or parallel to God’s Image in us. Godly image does not come from self-importance, wealth, status, material asset, class, education, family, vanity, addictions, greed, lust. It is true these things make a difference in this but are icing on our image and extra bonuses because in God’s eyes we are perfect in His Image, with or without them. We can feel confident and corporate with God by trusting and believing we are perfect as God sees us and made us for His Glory, Vision and Purpose for our lives here on earth.

Whatever shape, size, colour, identity we are citizens of Heaven and our lives are hidden in Christ Jesus with God.  We are living sermons that manifest God’s Words with signs and wonders despite the world’s opinion about God and Christians. We are often bombarded with touched images which put pressure on people to conform to other people’s ideas and opinions but we have inner- beauty from God. This is to encourage and strengthen your faith to feel good about yourself to continue to be all that God made you to be in His Own Image and Likeness. Jesus said when we see Him we see the Father God so we can be assured that God Himself is in us. We thank God for His Image in us for no matter what the world thinks we are more than conquerors and victorious because we always triumph through Christ Jesus.

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