God Lovers Called By Name

God's+Open+ArmsIn Isaiah 43:1 God’s calls His Children by name for we belong to God. God arms are wide open. Loving and caring Father Cod welcome His people back into His Kingdom. He sees pain, sufferings, abuses, the torture by greedy people destroying others due to selfishness. God is not Happy with appalling treatment of His people. God will gladly receive whosoever returns to Him just as they are, like the prodigal son who squandered his wealth but was forgiven by his father. God wants us to humble ourselves and ask His forgiveness then He will hear our prayers and heal the land. He sees how distractions of the things of world is seductive, lust and false pleasures prevent from focusing on God. Most people, according to Haggai chapter 1 verse 2-14, are busy building and buying grand houses for themselves. Refurbishing it to make it glamorous above Joneses but not willing to give to sponsor God matters to win more souls.

This means some people spend on more luxury to indulge themselves and loved ones but make excuses when they need to give to God’s work. Ezekiel 33:8-9 warns God’s people about importance of listening to God’s Words, believing, obeying and acting in faith while walking in holiness and righteousness. God’s people are to set affections on things above and keeping treasures in heavenly accounts to be rich towards God. What does it profit man to gain whole world and lose soul in hell fire because of material things of no use in the eternal afterlife. Giving to God is required in Malachi 3:10 to bless God to enrich giver as memorial. God sees a in Acts 9:42 to restore, prolong lives of giver if God chooses to do so.

When giving to God but it pleases God so not given to demand back. God’s people truly understand the true value of wealth. God is the true source of wealth and the owner of all the silver and the gold, plus the cattle on a thousand hills because all belong to God Almighty. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, because nobody brought anything into this world nor will take anything out of this world since it is of no value beyond this life. Giving must be done always cheerfully for God loves a cheerful giver who receives priceless blessings in return from God. So remember to give to support your church, your community and various activities that bless God’s Kingdom. God counts on you to promote His Kingdom first. All other things desire according to God’s Will, Plans, Purposes for life is added in Jesus Name.


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