Ruth 2:12, The LORD repay your work with full reward given you by the Lord God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge. God does not hate rich people or does not want people to be rich. God wants rich people to treat employees fairly and well as Boaz did and provided for Ruth. Boaz left food for the poor and strangers to harvest according to God’s Biblical instructions. In Joel 2:25, God promises to repay you all the years you have toiled but not paid for. This proves God sees your your hard work which may literally cost an arm and a leg. God knows how you feel when your wealth, assets or inheritance taken over by undeserving, unthankful, ungrateful wasters. In Malachi 3:5 God watches so reassures those workers trodden upon. God sees tears of unpaid wages controlled by privileged few. The wicked take advantage of widows, orphans, fatherless and strangers. God remembers surely pays past generation perpetrators reward you in Jesus Name.Matthew 19:16-26 says Jesus told a rich lawyer who thinks he is a “good” person and law-abiding citizen and everything was alright. Jesus warned him to change but he refused to change from a lavish extravagant ways. With no regard for fellow human beings who worked for him. But all the silver and gold belong to God, plus a cattle on 1000 hills. In Luke 12:13-21 is story of rich man bragging about his wealth and plans to build bigger barns to hoard his goods while depriving his workers. He didn’t regard God as source of his riches or say if God wills, he will expand his business. God was very angry because he exploited others for selfish gains. In Luke 16:19-31, another rich man had it all but due to greed he deprived the poor to enrich himself He did not remember God hates greedy selfish people who think only they exclusively deserve all silver and gold which belongs to God. They forget they are mere stewards and employees in charge providing equally for others like themselves. In James:1-5 God warns those oppressing others to change to pay fairly because will punish if they do not repent. God sees pain, grief, sorrow, lack poverty provide in Jesus Name. 1 Kings 21 King Ahab’s greedy tantrums usurped Naboth’s vineyard which was inherited and not for sale because it belonged to the family to pass on to the next generations. Jezebel fasted and prayed with her accomplices then lied about Naboth’s vine taken by greedy the falsely accuse cursing God and king. The love of money is the root of all evil. So they stoned Naboth to death and then king took Naboth’s vineyard because it was near his palace for a vegetable garden. God sees it all and sent prophet Elijah to punish their evil wicked deeds that disaster will come upon them so dogs and birds will eat them in the city and in country. Ahab humbled himself and prayed to God for mercy so God forgave deferred Ahab’s punishment to his descendants and future generations. Jezebel fell through window, died and eaten by dogs. Families inherit family curses which they may not understand so believers need pray to God to reveal to the any generational curses they may be dealing with and plead the Blood of Jesus, God’s mercy grace for forgiveness in Jesus Name provide all you need.      20190718_170247.jpgIn Revelation 19:11-20 God plans to deal with various oppressors in Jesus Name. Storms destroy all you own including the priceless sentimental valuables. And if you barely keep a roof over your head nowhere to lay your head God will give you mansions. God cares more despite tragedies begin to pick yourself up from problem looming on horizon. Wonder how long to cope with traumatic event. Ruth 2-4, Naomi and Ruth experienced tragedies in past but favoured by God. Divine connection to Boaz generous and kind hearted rich man did right thing and married Ruth. Ruth is the mother of Obed the father of Jesse the father of king David’s family from which the King of kings Jesus Christ descended.God blessed Abraham, David, Solomon and other men and women in the Bible with wealth and riches, including those who built temples for God sponsored the Gospel of Jesus Christ during His ministry on earth and continue to do so today. There are billions of wonderfully rich people who are kind, generous, sponsor many charities and thanks to them many have been helped over the years. God demands those like greedy rich in the Bible, to stop throwing perfectly good food and things away to bless all His creation because the cattle on thousands hills and earth belongs to God. It does not make sense while millions are dying daily from starvation and hunger. Perhaps you are the first to turn up on every occasion and last to leave; dedicated, loyal, faithful, reliable, dependable trustworthy person of good integrity generous in time or resources.cshSeems more devoted to God and people more it appears troubles increase. You have do endless amazing things to help various people so few express gratitude to encourage your faith. Others insult or become enemies so life unfortunately is so because hurting people hurt others. Put Confidence in God your kindness is unparalleled because you firmly believe God ULTIMATELY REWARDS all. Maybe entrepreneur with companies  business, employed millions or thousands yet lost it all in credit crunch, feel you let others down and beating yourself up. On the other hand, started business not doing well going down drain. You do not know whom to turn to because its you people turn to. Turn to God and Trust in Jesus. Or it was your harvests wiped out by floods, drought or pestilence. You hardly have anything to eat today so dread thinking about the future. God is in control and will make a way where there seems to be no way. In Luke 5:5, Jesus saw the people struggling to make ends meet in vain. They toiled hard but caught no fish, it almost sounds like the story of your life or ministry whereby your own efforts have resulted in nothing. Jesus has a keen interest in your efforts and wants you to help you launch into the deep by changing your method, strategies, ideas, resources and accomplishing your goals. To achieve your ambitions, you need to trust God again, believe Christ has your best interest at heart, and will only do you good. At times, so many things happen you question your ability and judgement so wants to know what to do next. You feel unprepared to take risks because your track record so far is not impressive.  Well, we have a  Saviour who measures you differently.

Man looks on outward beauty, status, qualifications, attainments, accolades, bank balance to size you up. God gives the surprising Unmerited Divine Favour Unexpected Surprises you can never achieve by your own strength. God will repay you in His Timing according to His Plans and Purposes for your life in Jesus Name. He will!!! Take comfort in knowing that you did all unto the Lord God Himself. You were the faithful conduit of blessings to reach out to others although may not feel highly valued or appreciated. God sees and knows it all so will definitely reward you blessing beyond a thousand generation. Maybe as slave descendant waiting for justice, and a compensation, deals with injustice trauma of racism discrimination, economic slavery. God sees it all and so seek His mercy, grace, favour. Ask God for power to create wealth although you feel exploited and worked hard enough already. God will supernaturally provide for you if you believe Him to do so and receive blessings in Jesus Name.

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Jesus-and-Man-Sitting-on-BenchJesus Cares for so turn to Christ to help you although told education is the key to life. You studied hard so expects everything to turn out well but not fulfilled. To achieve further visions goals you built business empires. Or search diligently for work so got dream job but has void inside. Next you took mortgage and bought the best house you could afford and invited friends to your house-warming party. Just as the dust settled you realised it’s too lonely by yourself  so you set about looking for perfect housemates. You even have various cars to grace your home as part of your big statement as proof of your achievements. You own many properties, ships, airplanes but still something was not quite right inside you. You were told to find the most beautiful partner in your eyes so you would be completely made whole.

You found your perfect partner yet it seems relationships bring additional issues and you are now responsible for yourself and the partner. You thought by solidifying the relationship things will improve and you will live happily ever after. It turned out to be your worst nightmare so you dreaded going home every night. Despite the state of affairs you firmly believed bringing children into the relationship will redress the imbalance to make an impact so you had children and became happy but the void is still in you. You moved several times to the best neighbourhoods you could afford, but things seemed complicated in your personal life. From the outside, you have it all, but inside lacked something you could not quite understand.You travelled all over the world in search of fulfilling that missing link feeling with the evidence of your journeys in vain. As much you enjoyed those trips you still felt you needed something more to satisfy your longings. You tried other leisure and pleasures yet you seem to long for a much more deeper inner peace. Eventually, it begins to dawn on you that life has much more to offer than materialist desires. You embark on a search to fulfil your spirituality and so tried a few pick and mix religions and myths but seemed further from realising your ambitions. Then comes the eureka moment when it dawns on you that you treat faith like a project you must accomplish. Yet in reality, what you actually need is to let go and let God take total control of all aspects of your life. Yes you need to accept Jesus’ invitation for access to all areas of your life including the good, the bad and the ugly. God has seen it all before so there is nothing new under the sun that surprises Him anymore. God is wiling to forgive you as long as you confess your sins to Him, repent, humbly ask His forgiveness, mercy, grace for He is compassionate.

Fill the void by inviting Jesus into life, letting God reign in your heart and put God first daily in your personal life. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and help you express your deepest feelings, darkest thoughts to Him. You may even weep like Jesus or king David and king Hezekiah cried to God for mercy and extension of his life. Read your Bible and meditate on verses that speak into your situation or touches your heart and spirit. Get good mood music worthy of God’s hearing, feed spirit, soul with sound music. Worship God privately in prayer closet, sing to Him, ask Him to reveal Himself to you more from daily reading His Word. Join a Bible believing church fellowship, study Word to grow.


In Joshua 24:15, we will serve the Lord God. A time comes to declare to people to make up minds to be fully committed to God. Similarly, in our own lives there comes a point when we have to make the decision to choose to serve God wholeheartedly and stop sitting on the fence. This at times means parting company with people we hang around previously but our lifestyles clash because of choice to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. In Mark 8:34-38, said we should not be ashamed of Him to boldly testify and declare Him as our Lord and Saviour. God will give new friends as Jesus said in Matthew 19:29 and Mark 10:28-29 anyone who lost friends, family, houses, property, etc. God’s Kingdom’s gives and receives 100 in this life and in the life to come because Jesus already prepared mansions for us.5pcs-lot-as-for-me-and-my-house-we-will-serve-2We may face opposition, threats, rejection from loved ones because of our choice. Often, friends we expect to fully support us betray us for the sake of our faith. Some become secret disciples for the sake of their reputation and dare not let anyone know they received Christ as personal saviour. God wants all to be saved and does not want anyone to perish.  This means we would like the family circle to be complete in heaven and be part of the global Family of God. It is essential to continue praying for each member to be saved even if things seem worse when prayer starts for them. This is challenge to our faith to continue to intercede for loved ones. Some saved today are harvests of previous generation’s intercessions.

There are so many attractions and distractions trying to get believers and the elect off course by trying to prevent them from fulfilling God’s gifts and calling for their chosen destiny. In fact one is tempted to think life used feel better when one was not fully committed to God. Well, this is part of the strategy to keep people hooked on the Broadway where multitudes are in the fast lane. The path of life is very narrow, and few are on it. At times, it may be lonely yet with our lives hidden in Christ Jesus we have the Mighty support of the heavenly host. Also, some are misunderstood however, for the sake of Christ Sacrifice for us and our homes, we choose to continue to serve God through Holy Spirit in Jesus Name.

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enbillboardframe20131226_232902-2We advertise Jesus love daily in various ways to express a Godly love to others. We remember our Lord and Saviour whose love for us is the reason for the season of Christmas.  Although Christ birth date was not in winter in December but autumn in early September. As we come together in unity to meet family and friends we share the peaceful, joyous atmosphere. So give thanks to God for preserving and protecting our lives in Jesus Name. We celebrate Jesus love for us so demonstrate our love for each other. Encouraging and supporting one another in Christ feels safe, secure despite situations deal with.

Christ love is very wonderful, so deep we cannot get under it, so wide we cannot get around it, so high we cannot get over it, we have to go through Christ the door. This means Christ our friend loves us so much He was born to exchange His place for us to determine our lives through forgiveness. He took all our infirmities, sins, griefs, iniquities, transgressions upon Himself for our sake. It is a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer through Christ Jesus. We have a great advocate Christ Jesus, whose love no one can match. This is why we direct people to God through the name of Jesus Christ.

The love of Jesus Christ is reliable, dependable, trustworthy, eternal and forever sure. We have loved ones, family and friends who love and care about us in special ways to confirm their love for us.  Our confidence in God’s love is beyond human understanding.  Natural circumstances may be challenging however, deep in our spirit we feel connected to God through Christ Jesus. Advertise Jesus Christ by spreading His love to testify of God’s goodness, mercy, grace, compassion, daily wherever you may be or pass tracts, Bibles and share this Godly love by helpful acts to Glorify God.


THE JEWISH JESUSWe thank God for our Jewish Lord Jesus Christ Messiah and the love Christ Jesus has for all Gentiles. All Jews and gentiles grafted in Christ love each other with the love of God. We belong in the family of God and grateful to be grafted into the Kingdom of God. We celebrate our bridegroom Messiah our Hamashiach Yeshua Adonai in Jesus Name and very grateful and thankful. This is the day the LORD has made we will rejoice and be glad in it. All Christian the believers continue to pray for peace of Jerusalem in Jesus Name. God bless you all and we love you with agape love in Christ Jesus.


The dynamic word of God is filled with the Holy Spirit as a flaming fire, to keep us very hot for God at all times. The Holy Spirit is sent ablaze by Jesus as seen on the day of Pentecost and spreading like wild-fire reaching across all nations. It is a sign of the evidence of the Consuming Fire Nature of God who revealed  Himself to Moses in the burning bush that was not burnt. This Holy Spirit fire is necessary to keep us spiritually alive and well-lit as the light of the world to drive away the darkness from the uttermost parts of the world. One gets the Holy Spirit by inviting Him to fill us and to dwell in us to help us lead holy righteous lives and to get a better understanding of the word of God. Holy Spirit dunamis helps us to pray especially if we do not know how to pray. In times of distress, the Holy Spirit comforts us and guides us into all truth. The Holy Spirit also helps us gain insight and a deeper meaning of God’s word. It is shines onto the rhema and logos word of God to make it  relevant to our circumstances. One suddenly finds a particular verse touching in a new way, although that verse may be well-known and read over and over previously. Holy Spirit gives us strength to carry on daily and equips us with the ability to endure in challenging times.

The Holy Spirit empowers us to run the Christian race to win the prize and discern the right spirit.  The Holy Spirits manifests with signs and wonders and speaking in tongues by those who receive Him. The Holy Spirit gives us 7 main various gifts to use in body of Christ Church. These gifts are wisdom, counsel, knowledge, understanding, holiness, strength to endure and fear of the Lord. The Holy Spirit enables us to dream dreams and see visions in the spiritual realm. It opens our spiritual eyes to see beyond human eyes and equips us to take authority over demons and cast them out in Jesus Name.

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Jesus always loves little Children and young people so openly welcomed them into the midst of His meetings even when others thought they may disturb their conversations. Jesus is a great example of allowing children to listen to His Teachings.  Jesus did not exclude the children from His presence by making excuses that they were too young to understand the things of God. Recently a Sunday school teacher, drove away 12 year old from Sunday School, after telling them they were old enough to go pubs, smoke, drink alcohol but said they were too old to be in Sunday School. They were not allowed to be baptised by immersion though express desire to do so. They were told to go taste world first to sin then repent so too young to fully commit to God. Soon after no children were left in that church anymore for they all left to other local churches where they felt accepted. Jesus on the other hand, placed children in the centre of his sermons to illustrate how humble and trusting believers must be like little children.In Ecclesiastics 12:1 in the Bible, it is written, remember the Lord God your Creator in your youth. Young people today face so many challenges in the fast lane of life so it is necessary to have anchor in God. This gives an excellent foundation to build on. Different voices call attention to keep  preoccupied with positive engagement to become lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Start teaching them the word of God as children so when they grow they will not depart from God in Jesus Name. In 1 Corinthians 15:33, it is stated that do not be deceived, God is not mocked because bad company ruins good morals. Young people are easily influenced by peers because they want to fit in. This is why the Bible reminds young people to remember God in their youth. While young, they are to make choices and decisions based on Godly Standards, Morals and Values. It is important to ensure young people are taught Godly values from home, in school, church, community. Believing in God is not just relevant for old people. God loves children and young people so much He is their friend.God cares so wants them to remember Him to talk to Him everyday like they talk to their best friends. God has compassion for young people, so He sent His Only Begotten Son Christ Jesus to die for their sins to save them. Every young person who believes and accepts Christ as a personal Saviour will never perish but have eternal life. Young people are special to  God so they must be given every chance to believe and receive God’s favour because God has called and chosen them into His Kingdom. Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, Let children come to me, do not stop them for the Kingdom of God belongs to them. Adults must receive Christ like innocent children accept things without analytical arguments. God has young people’s best interest at heart so wants lives to be full of fruit of Holy Spirit. In Galatians 5:22-26 these are love, joy, peace, patience, endurance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, humility and self-control. Young people don’t be selfish demanding indulgence as “your majesty child” without respect for Godly boundary discipline.

Daily problems can be dealt with better by young people who have qualities instilled in them to build their confidence in the early years of life. It is not wise to leave young people to find out about life the hard way in ignorance as the world encourages them to make their own mistakes. God never intended young people should be left to their own devices. It essential to direct them to Godly values to mature in the Way God planned for them so when they grow they will not depart from that righteous path. Above all, it is important to appreciate and respect adults, honour them, in order to receive God’s blessings, so it will be well with them and they will live long according to Deuteronomy 5:16. It is important to give opportunity to children to listen to God’s Word, grow and store Jesus’ teaching in their heart. Some churches abuse children by kidnapping and holding them to ransom to extract money from parents with lies that they are possessed so parents must pay for them to be delivered. Other children are accused of being witches when their parents die during childbirth or accused of bringing misfortunes into family so killed or put in exile. Any family members that show kindness to them are ostracised. Jesus said in Mark 9:42 anyone who causes any children to stumble, fall or lose faith, is held accountable to God. In Churches and communities children do not contribute money and financial wealth, devalued, diminished de-humanized. Responsible people devote time to loving, protecting, providing for children but others treat them with disdain in society. Some are made to feel as if they are out of their mind for helping care for children and supporting them throughout their lives because families are for life not just for Christmas. Adults fulfil Godly duties of devoting time to children are made to feel as lazy people who prefer to join and hide behind children so not doing a proper job. A full-time motherhood is frown upon as no work yet no amount of money can ever pay for their services often taken for granted. While some are bereaved or left to care for children on their own they pay the ultimate price of juggling work and childcare needs.

Often this affects their career and promotion as well as income and national insurance contributions and pension. They are treated appallingly in job market after years of raising their children. Expected to be competent to perform like those with the continuous profession. So penalised and constantly blamed for issues affecting their family. Most judging or condemning often have no children, not care for children before but think they know it all. Psychological theories studied about children without fully experiencing daily pressure, stress of genuinely caring for children. These includes: priceless cost of time involved raising them, and the sleepless nights, challenging 24 hours of endless hours looking after them, as mother, nanny, father, cook, cleaner, laundry, shopping, school run, clothes, shoes, outings, hospital appointments, until they grow up and still depend on parents. Children are forced too early from parents, especially to reject Godly standards of raising children and who resent raising their own children so send them to strangers who at times sexually abuse them in nurseries. Devoted parents raise children to obey the law so supervise at home after school hours. Though properly look after children are considered lazy so punished by state low insurance contributions. Raising well bred and brought up children is valuable to God and economically pay taxes. Those who work consistently resent those with children.  If all women refuse to bear children there will be no more citizens to buy more goods produced. Or future adults to take care of those making policies without consideration. Jesus loves all children of the world including red, yellow, black or white ones to treat all fairly and equally in Jesus Name.

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